Go Nontoxic With Confidence

We appreciate how frustrating it can be to think you're buying clean, safe products that turn out to be toxic.

At Back to Basics, all products have been carefully formulated, tested for ingredient safety, and evaluated by our team on a bioenergetic level to meet our Verified Clean Standard. All you'll find here are clean products made with the safest, purest, and most effective ingredients.

Our Vetting Process


We begin by scrutinizing every ingredient on product labels to ensure they do not contain any ingredients listed on our Banned Ingredients List, which we consider to be harmful or potentially harmful to humans. In Step 3 you'll see we also test for any toxic or potentially toxic ingredients that are generated as a byproduct during the manufacturing process.


While most natural brands appear to be transparent about their ingredients lists, we have found that looks can be deceiving. We make sure to cut through any greenwashing or deceptive ingredients by working closely with the brand's founder & team to obtain as much information about the sourcing, manufacturing, and handling of the ingredients as possible.


Ingredient lists say a lot about a product — but not everything! The safety of an ingredient can change when combined with other ingredients. To ensure your safety, all of our products undergo a form of bioenergetic testing that utilizes DNA samples to measure against specific toxins and determine whether the product is beneficial or harmful.


A product can be as safe as anything but if it doesn’t perform, it doesn’t make the cut! We thoroughly test every product to make sure it performs better than anything else we’ve tried — conventional, natural, or otherwise. We’ll oftentimes test 30+ products in one product category before the chosen one receives our Verified Clean seal!