Our Story

Journey to Healthful Living

Our founder, Ashleigh Frager, knows firsthand what it's like to feel confused, disheartened, and overwhelmed by an ailing body. Her journey is our inspiration to help you achieve your most healthful life.

The Life-Threatening Health Crisis That Inspired It All

At age 22, Ashleigh had just moved to LA to pursue a career in film when, seemingly out of nowhere, her body began to shut down — vertigo, labored breathing, chronic fatigue, migraines, hormonal disruption, and the need to use a wheelchair left her bed-ridden and searching for answers.

Uncovering The Root Cause

Over the course of a year, Ashleigh left countless doctors visits with no explanation. Desperate for answers, she turned to alternative medicine where her homeopathic practitioner was able to identify the root of her health issues: toxic chemicals found in commonplace household and beauty products. She made a rapid and complete recovery by clearing her body of these toxins.

Committed to Holistic Healing

With a desire to help others experience the same type of miraculous health shift that she did, Ashleigh pursued a doctoral education in homeopathy. She ran a homeopathic practice for over 10 years with an 18-month waitlist that helped hundreds of clients prevent or heal from health issues.

Back to Basics Was Born

Through her practice, she saw firsthand how many times clients would buy a product that they thought was natural or safe but later learn was completely toxic. She founded Back to Basics to provide her clients with a trustworthy, one-stop-shop for truly safe products that are thoroughly vetted via in-house research and bioenergetic testing.

Discovering Nature's Secret Cleaner

Ashleigh's search for the best home cleaner came up short. She could not find one that prioritized safe, nontoxic ingredients and worked equally as well as conventional products. After collaborating with scientists and learning of the power of hypochlorous acid as a safe cleaning ingredient, she knew Cleaner Than Clean was the solution to remove toxins from our lives.