Healthy Living Starts With A Single Bottle

Use Cleaner Than Clean as your all-in-one household spray to clean every mess around your home without leaving toxic residue or fumes behind.

Kitchen Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaner


Air Freshener

Dry Cleaning Replacement

Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

How To Use Cleaner Than Clean

Step One |
Spray CTC on the desired area:

  • • Surfaces: counters, sofa, high chair, & more
  • • Source of Odors: trash can, pet bed, & more
  • • In the Air: diffusers, humidifiers, & directly in the air

Step Two | Allow to air dry or wipe dry.

Ingredients Matter Because Your Well-Being Matters. 

Our active ingredient, hypochlorous acid, is made by electrolyzing a solution made of two simple and food-grade ingredients: salt & water. When this solution is electrolyzed it turns them into a powerful and safe cleaning agent.




Get the most out of cleaner than clean

Download Our CTC User Guide.