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Cleaner Than Clean


Meet nature's secret weapon. Cleaner Than Clean pairs the intense cleaning power of conventional cleaners with the safety of nature-made ingredients. This single bottle multi-action cleaner and deodorizer will replace:

  • multi-purpose, countertop, and bathroom cleaners
  • air fresheners or bathroom deodorizers
  • mold & mildew stain removers
  • yoga mat cleaners
  • baby-safe toy, pacifier, and high chair cleaners
  • pet stain removers and deodorizers

Cleaner Than Clean is made with only safe, clean, effective ingredients that are as good for you as they are at doing their jobs.

Back to Basics Cleaner Than Clean Ingredients:

Electrolyzed Oxygenated Water, Hypochlorous Acid

Experience clean like never before.

Fight mess by spraying on various hard and porous surfaces.

For use on countertops, floors, bathroom fixtures, appliances, linens, laundry, carpets, toys, yoga mat, and anything else in need of some freshening up.

Use to eliminate mold and mildew stains.

Eliminate odor from the source.

Eliminate odors by spritzing in the air or directly on smelly offenders.

For use in the bathroom, kitchen, car, and gym, or on your couch, pet bed, garbage can, laundry hamper, and sneakers.

Pour solution into a diffuser or humidifier to clean your surrounding air.

Cleaner Than Clean