The Box

You know them. You love them. Now, get them delivered when you want.

We hear you. You know your toxin-free needs best. You can continue to swap out your toxic, health-damaging products for better, safer alternatives with The Box... but now, on your terms.

Build your own custom box from any & all of the products on our online shop! The best part? Receive 15% off when you subscribe!

    1. Visit any product page.
    2. Choose the option to subscribe to the product.
    3. Select the frequency of delivery.
    4. Receive 15% off this product for the length of subscription.
    5. Repeat steps above for all of your favorite toxin-free essentials! 

As always, all products are carefully curated, researched, and tested by the Back to Basics founder, a homeopath & wellness expert.

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