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Ingredient Investigation: Fragrance - Part 2

In the last post we were chatting about synthetic fragrance. Remember that nasty stuff that is mostly made up of health damaging petrochemicals? While it is found in a frighteningly wide range of consumer products, I have compiled some helpful tips and a list of products to check in order to help you avoid it. 

First, here are some tips to help you get synthetic fragrance out of your life:

1. Avoid anything that has "fragrance" in the ingredients list

Also, watch out for "natural fragrance", "fragrance oil", "perfume", or "parfum" as they are sneaky synonyms.

2. Opt for the unscented or fragrance-free version of natural or organic products

Remember to always check the ingredient list though. Some unscented products have simply added a "masking fragrance" to hide the scent of the synthetic fragrance. In other words, the toxins are still there, you just can't smell them.

3. Search for products that are scented with essential oils

Note that essential oils are not all one and the same. Some manufacturers hide synthetic ingredients under the label of essential oils. Opt for organic essential oils, as that means they are certified not to contain synthetic ingredients.

If you find products with "fragrance" on the label, throw them out today... actually, right now. This very second! These toxins are too dangerous for you to be exposed to for even a second longer. Don't wait until you finish off the rest of that bottle of toxic shampoo or until you burn the rest of that carcinogen-filled candle. Toss them out now so that your health doesn't have to suffer even a second more! Trust me, your health is worth more than that can of air freshener.

 How much toxic junk can you get rid of today?

Snap a pic of your toxic garbage pile and share it with us on Instagram or Twitter by tagging #PeaceOutToxins. Be sure to tag @backtobasicsbox, too!

While the following list is not exhaustive, it is a good primer to help you become aware of the types of products that contain synthetic fragrance. Use this as a checklist to go through the products in your home (or car, purse, gym bag, etc... you get the idea) and read the ingredients on their labels. 

Household products to check:

  • Laundry detergent: Tide, Cheer, Gain, All, Wisk, Clorox, Downy, Snuggle, Arm & Hammer, Woolite, Method, Purex, Suavitel, Simple Green
  • Fabric softeners: Snuggle, Gain, Suavitel, Downy, Mrs. Meyer's, Method
  • Stain remover: Shout, Clorox, Tide, Oxi Clean
  • Dryer sheets: Bounce, Downy, Snuggle, Mrs. Meyer's, Method, Suavitel
  • Air fresheners: Febreze, Glade, Arm & Hammer, Lysol, AirWick, Citrus Magic, Renuzit, Unstoppables, J.R. Watkins, Yankee Candles, Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret
  • Fragrance oil plug-ins: Glade, AirWick, Unstoppables
  • Car air fresheners: Little Trees, Citrus Magic, Febreze, Glade, California Scents, Renuzit, Refresh
  • Candles: Glade, Unstoppables, Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works, Diamond Candles; many high-end, luxury candles also contain synthetic fragrances but many are owned by perfume or cologne companies which allows them to keep their proprietary fragrance formulation and ingredients a secret
  • Fragrance oil diffusers: AirWick, Yankee Candle, WoodWick, Apothia
  • All-purpose cleaning spray: 409, Lysol, Simple Green, Method, Mrs. Meyer's, Comet, Green Works, Clorox, Orange Glo
  • Cleaning wipes: Clorox, Lysol, Green Works, Scrubbing Bubbles
  • Glass cleaner: Windex, Method
  • Toilet bowl cleaner: Clorox, Lysol, Scrubbing Bubbles, Simple Green, Pine-Sol, Method, Toilet Duck
  • Floor cleaner: Swiffer, Resolve, Pine-Sol, Murphy, Orange Glo, Woolite, Bona, Pledge, Bissel, Hoover
  • Hand soap: SoftSoap, Dial, Method, Mrs. Meyer's, J.R. Watkins
  • Dish soap: Palmolive, Ajax, Cascade, Finish, SOS, Dawn, Gain, Ivory, Mrs. Meyer's, Method, Ecos
  • Dish washer detergent: Cascade, Finish, Jet-Dry, Method, Mrs. Meyer's, Palmolive
  • Hand sanitizer: Purell, Wet Ones, Bath & Body Works
  • Pet odor remover: Arm & Hammer, Out!, Nature's Miracle, Simple Green

Body and personal care products to check:

  • Body lotion: Lubriderm, Aveeno, Olay, Nivea, Suave, St. Ives, Vaseline, Jergens, Yes To, Boots Botanics, J.R. Watkins, L'Occitane, Gud, Kiehl's, Philosophy, Fresh, Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret
  • Perfume & cologne: ingredients for these products are considered to be proprietary so each manufacturer needs to be asked if they contain synthetic fragrances but most do
  • Shampoo & conditioner: Pantene Pro-V, Herbal Essences, Garnier Fructis, L'Oreal, Dove, OGX, Matrix Biolage, Aussie, Head & Shoulders, Nexxus, Suave, Kerastase, TRESemme, Redken, Paul Mitchell, Pureology, Bumble and Bumble, Living Proof, Philosophy, L'Occitane, Johnson's Baby
  • Body wash: Dove, Olay, Neutrogena, Dial, Aveeno, SoftSoap, Caress, St. Ives, Nivea, Jason, Burt's Bees, Kiehl's, Old Spice, Axe, Yes To, Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret, L'Occitane, Philosophy, Fresh, Lush, Johnson's Baby
  • Soap: Dial, Olay, Ivory, Irish Spring, Old Spice, Zest, Mrs. Meyers, J.R. Watkins, Kiss My Face, Lush, Yes To, L'Occitane, Fresh, Philosophy
  • Bubble bath: Philosophy, Fresh, L'Occitane, Lush, Calgon, Dr. Teal's, Mr. Bubble, Johnson's Baby
  • Shaving cream: Gillette, Barbasol, Dove, Kiehl's, Kiss My Face
  • Skin care: Lancome, Shiseido, Origins, Clarins, Kiehl's, Bare Minerals, Philosophy, Kiss My Face, Cetaphil, St. Ives, L'Oreal, Olay, Clean & Clear, Aveeno, Pond's
  • Deodorant: Degree, Secret, Dove, Speed Stick, Suave, Old Spice, Axe, Tom's of Maine, Kiss My Face, Jason
  • Dry shampoo: Fekkai, Toni & Guy, Herbal Essences, Not Your Mother's, Batiste, TRESemme, Drybar, Living Proof, Moroccanoil, Verb
  • After-shave: Old Spice, Brut, Aqua Velva, Nivea
  • Hairspray: Suave, Garnier Fructis, Aquanet, Aussie, L'Oreal, Redken, Fekkai, Big Sexy Hair, Sebastian, Bed Head, Drybar
  • Hair gel & mousse: Axe, Pomade, Bed Head, Redken, Pantene Pro-V, L.A. Looks, Bumble and Bumble, Drybar, Living Proof, Ouai
  • Sunscreen: Neutrogena, Banana Boat, Coppertone, Kiss My Face, Olay, Hawaiian Tropic, Sun Bum, Aveeno, Bullfrog, Moroccanoil
  • Makeup: MAC, Lancome, Clarins, Benefit, Too Faced, Tarte, Urban Decay, Maybelline, Rimmel London, e.l.f., Anna Sui, Almay, CoverGirl, L'Oreal
  • Feminine care: Tampax, Playtex, Always, Kotex
  • Diapers: Pampers, Huggies, Luvs

Now that you've tossed the junk, replace it with health-friendly, nontoxic alternatives! Get your replacement products with our subscription plan. Click to order the box!