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Getting Back to Basics with Ashleigh Frager

Here at Back to Basics, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the mission of supporting you in your healthy and clean lifestyle. 

It can seem daunting to adopt a clean lifestyle but we are here to simplify the process. You can count on us to bring you the cleanest products to ensure that what you are using in, on and around your body has a positive impact on your health.

Where it all began:

Our founder, Ashleigh Frager, experienced a critical health crisis in her early 20s when her major body systems began shutting down out of nowhere. When conventional medicine failed to produce answers, she explored more alternative approaches. She discovered that the products she was using were having a direct impact on her health. Through her health recovery journey, she realized easy product swaps, like choosing a safer laundry detergent, could help her make a full recovery.

Ashleigh’s health journey and the beginning of BtoB: 

How we vet our products: 

After discovering a new approach to health with homeopathy and as a homeopathic practitioner, Ashleigh felt like she was on clean-up duty for environmental toxins. Patient after patient came to her with symptoms like hair loss, recurring rashes, chronic migraine, fertility issues, cancer and beyond. 

The common culprit….environmental toxins.

Thinking there must be a better way, Ashleigh wanted to help people never get exposed to these toxins if they could avoid it by providing a one-stop shop for safer, better products. With a mission to help you understand how the products you use every day can truly shape your health. 

In shopping BtoB you can rest assured that all products have been vetted, tested and tried by our team.

Learn more about our vetting process: