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It's Election Day Everyday

Election Day is here. Over 120 million Americans will vote to shape the future of our nation. While this day is significant and it is so very important that we all exercise our right to vote, our rights do not expire on November 8th. We have the opportunity to have our voices, opinions, tastes, needs, and values to be heard everyday by voting with our dollars.

 As consumers in this nation we vote everyday -- what we choose to spend our money on casts a vote in one direction or another. Have you thought about the types of products and business practices you’ve been supporting with your votes? Are you buying products that promote health, sustainability, and a better environment for yourself and those around you? Or are you buying products that you’ve unwittingly grown into the habit of purchasing but are toxic, health-damaging, and unethically produced?

Companies do not make products aimlessly. They make what sells. If you keep buying it, they’ll keep making it. This is the most basic principle of a market economy -- supply and demand.

Now, the opposite is also true. If we discontinue our support (read: purchase) of toxic, chemical-ridden products, the manufacturers will stop making them out of financial self-interest.

You may be thinking, “But I’m only one person, how will I make a difference?” One vote may not change the entire system, but grassroots movements grow in strength and effectiveness with each new member. If we begin to sway the tides towards better, safer, healthier product alternatives, they will inevitably win out over their toxic counterparts.

So get on out there and vote for our next president... and for our health!

  • Post author
    Ashleigh Frager