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3 Detox Swaps for Spring

Spring has sprung -- and so has spring cleaning! That often means a deep dive into the corners and crevices that winter has left untouched. 

As you prepare to deep clean, we want to share our top 3 detox swaps with you. You might be reaching for some conventional products that you have used for years, however, we have some insight into why these might not be the healthiest options. 

We are here to help you swap out these top toxic cleaning culprits for safer, cleaner alternatives, so you can truly have a clean, healthy home.


#1 Laundry Detergent 

Why should I swap?

We like to say that laundry detergent is a high impact swap to immediately improve your health. The exposure rate of the chemicals from laundry detergent is really high, meaning it impacts many areas of your everyday life. From heating the chemicals in the washing machine that intoxicate your indoor air, to breathing in chemicals while sleeping that have been absorbed into  your bed sheets, to wearing clothes that allow chemicals to seep  into your skin - there is no escaping the toxins left behind by conventional laundry detergents. 

When you make the switch to a clean laundry detergent, you will make immediate improvements to your health . 

Make the swap to…


Molly Suds Powder Detergent

  • Cost effective 
  • HE friendly 
  • Clean, safe, natural scent 


  • HE friendly
  • Clean, non skin irritating ingredients
  • Unscented is best for babies and sensitive skin

Pro Tip: Because conventional laundry detergents typically use petrochemicals (oil-based chemicals) there is a residue left behind on your clothes and washing machine. To fully detox your machine you can simply pour 1 cup of white distilled vinegar and run a washing cycle. Do this a few times to fully breakdown all of the oil residue left behind from your conventional detergent. To apply this same detox to your clothes, add 1 cup of white distilled vinegar to your machine in addition to the scoop of clean laundry detergent and wash your clothes as you normally would. Repeat this process a few times until you no longer can smell the conventional detergent on your fabrics. 

#2 Air Fresheners/ Candles 

Why should I swap?

These two products contain chemicals that are extremely pervasive as they emit airborne toxins that are then inhaled and absorbed by anyone in the area that the product is used. Air fresheners contain chemicals that are not biodegradable, so once they are dispersed into a space, they are not easily removed. As for conventional candles, one of the biggest concerns is that anytime you heat chemicals, it changes their molecular structure and allows them to be more readily absorbed into our systems. Most candles are made with inorganic materials that have toxic chemicals that release into the air that you are breathing in. Even candles that are labeled as natural with soy based waxes can contain pesticides and toxic fragrances. 

Make the swap to…

  • Replaces air fresheners by eliminating odor at the source 
  • Removes odors from shoes, clothes, couches, & pet beds
  • Can be used as a bathroom air refresher



Back to Basics Clean Candle 

  • Candle wax formulated with organic beeswax and coconut wax; never any paraffin wax
  • Scented with aromatherapeutic organic essential oils 


Pro Tip: If you want to introduce clean fragrance as a replacement air freshener you can use organic essential oils or a clean, non-toxic room spray after spraying Cleaner than Clean. 


#3 Hand Soap/ Dish Soap

Why should I swap?

Soap is something that we use all throughout the  day, which can be a source of repeated toxin exposure when using the wrong product. Conventional soaps typically use toxic surfactants including Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). Soaps that claim antimicrobial or antibacterial properties should also be avoided as they are using biocides that will damage our healthy  cells. Many studies have proven that using regular soap and water is just as effective but without the harmful damage to your health

Make the swap to…


Back to Basics Clean Liquid Hand Soap

  • Just as effective as antibacterial soaps at removing germs
  • No toxic preservatives like biocides
  • Scented with certified organic essential oils 



Better Life Dish Soap 

  • Effectively cuts through grease 
  • Creates suds without toxic surfactants
  • Free of synthetic fragrance

    Pro Tip: The physical act of scrubbing and washing your hands with non-toxic clean soap is what gets rid of the germs, removing them from your hands altogether. 

    What do these 3 swaps have in common?

    The common toxic ingredient across all three of the conventional versions of these swaps is synthetic fragrance. We call this the ‘fragrance loophole’, where manufacturers can use the word fragrance to hide a bunch of toxic ingredients that do not show up in the ingredient list. Because fragrance is considered proprietary, these manufacturers do not have to share the composition of the fragrance and therefore can hide toxins that would have deterred you from buying the product in the first place. To take your spring detox one step further, check all of your household and personal product ingredient lists for synthetic fragrance, perfume, aroma and anything pertaining to fragrance that does not indicate how the scent was created, and toss them out to elevate your spring detox for cleaner living!